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ASMAK Financial Fact and Data Sheet Links:
● ASMAK Financial Summary

Available Downloads

IHC Disclosure regarding the address of the Shareholders Affairs Department
BOD Results-SCA-9 Nov 2017
IHC Financials Statements of 3rd QTR 2017
IHC Management Report on Results 3rd QTR 2017
IHC Brief of Major Elements of Consolidated Interim FS 3rd QTR 2017
IHC Management Report on 2nd QTR 2017 Results
IHC brief of major elements of 2nd Qtr 2017 interim financial statements
IHC Financials Statements of 2nd QTR 2017
Asmak name change
Asmak Disclosure related to activities expansion through subsidiary
Asmak Management Report on 1st QTR 2017 Results
Asmak Financials Statements of 1st QTR 2017
ASMAK BOD Results-SCA-27 April 2017
AGM minutes of meeting dated 17 April 2017
List of New BOD Nomination
Board Membership Nomination - Alettihad Newspaper
AGM Announcement - Alettihad Newspaper
Al Khaleej Newspaper - Board Membership Nomination
Al Khaleej Newspaper - AGM Announcement
Asmak Audited Financial Statements for the year 2016
ASMAK Annual Report - Year 2016
Asmak BOD meeting Results 19 March 2017
SCA - Approval on AGM Invitation
Asmak Corporate Governance Report 2016
ASMAK BOD Results-ADX-8 Feb 2017
Priliminary Results of Year 2016
Financial Statements for 3rd Quarter 2016
General disclosure 26 Sep 2016
Financial Statements for 2nd Quarter 2016
Financial Statements for 1st Quarter 2016
AGM minutes of meeting dated 28 April 2016
Corporate Governance Report for the year 2015
Financial Statements for the year 2015
Asmak management report for 2015
ASMAK AGM meeting and AoA draft
Minutes of Annual General Meeting 19/04/2015
2015 2nd Quarter Financials
2015 3rd Quarter Financials
2015 3rd Quarter Management Report
Shareholders ownes 5% +

Department in charge: Ms. Haiam Elshora

● Dubai (Main Office)
● Alliance Foods Company L.L.C.
● Mobile : +971 55 428 2700.
● Direct Telephone: +971 4 277 6397 Ext. 328
● Fax: +971 4 277 6402
● Email: investors@asmak.ae